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    Dicing rules

    This will show some basic rules of dicing, or the guide how to play, or the prize, read it carefully!

    Dicing Rules

    1. Please vid all bets, if you get scammed that is the 100% surefire way to get a dice bag stripped, and get refunded
    2. It IS NOT an automatic win if someone rolls 100. If they roll 100 and their other roll was 15, they bust.
    3. Please BEFORE you dice someone verify that they are indeed have a dice bag (ask them to roll).
    4. Anyone seen attempting to dice without actually having the bag will be banned no exceptions.

    What will be my price?

    Your price will be different, the higher you bet, the higher you'll win, if you bet 100m as example, and you won, then you'll recieve 200m, because the prize is always 2x the bet.

    Blackjack (BJ) play:

    Blackjack's game is like, closest to 100 wins, and passing the 100 will make you lose automaticly.


    Blackjack contains dicing, the dice host will roll his dice, example; it will be a 70, you've to say HIT or STAY,

    HIT in other words means, roll another dice for me, so I can get close to 100.

    STAY in other words means, I'll keep my current dice number, so I don't pass the 100, and have a chance at winning.

    So, let's say I've said ''hit'', and the dice host roll, and he rolls a 29!, in this case I'll have 99 ( 70 from my old roll, and 29 from my current roll!) that will mean, I've a 99% chance for winning, so now it's the turn of the host to do this, like you did.

    Note to hosts: Always be sure of what the better says, in this case, hit/stay.


    Host rolls a 80, and he's like, ahh, you have 99, so he has to roll another (hit) in order to win, but then he rolls a 44,
    so it ends up in being 124 when you count it together (80+44=124). so you win, because he passed the 100.


    If it ends up being a tie, so the host ended up rolling the same number after you said ''stay'' it will start from 0, so, the host will roll from 0 again, so the basic rules/play will be followed.

    55x2 play:

    You first have to bet the dice host, example I'm going to bet 100m, then I have to recieve 200m if I'll win.

    so I did pay 100m to the dice host, and he has rolled a 80, then you won! trade the dice host to claim 200m!

    Because it is 55x2, in other words;

    Between 55 and 100 = win, and lower then 55 = loss.

    60x2 is an easy game, it doesn't need time to understand.

    DDing (dice duelling), between dice hosts, the rules;

    1. When dicers dice eachother, and numbers being said ( as in; ''what's the pot?'' ''100'' ) , it automaticly will be taken as tokens.
    2. It's first to 3, not best of 3.
    3. Always be sure to record your DD's, you won't be refunded without proof, and no, we don't use witness.
    4. If any dice host scammed another dice host, make a report against him, have the patience, and inform a moderator if you see any online ingame.
    5. Pot has to be confirmed, without the pot not being shown, we won't refund!

    BJ (Black-jack DDing between dice hosts)

    1. When dicers dice eachother, and numbers being said ( as in; ''what's the pot?'' ''100'' ), it automaticly will be taken as tokens.
    2. The 2 dice hosts will have to roll once first, to see which one rolls highest. ( We'll name the dice host, Spike and Aries)
    3. Spike rolls 80, and Happiness rolls a 90.
    4. Now Aries starts from scratch (From 0), because the first roll is there just to consider who starts the BJ.
    5. Aries now rolls a 80, meaning Aries' at 80, so he says stay. ( keep's the number 80, if Spike rolls over 80, he'll win)
    6. Now Spike rolls a 60, meaning he's under Aries' 80. so Spike has to hit, in order to win, cause he has no other way.
    This time the dice gives him a 21, meaning Spike wins, cause 60 and 21 adds up to 81!
    7. Aries' pays Spike the pot, and the BJ DD is over.
    Note: If it ends up being a tie, you guys start again from step 2.

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    decent dice rule! i Support!

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